State Waivers Unit

The State Waivers Unit of the Texas Education Agency is responsible for the coordination of expedited and general state waivers and class size exceptions. See Texas Education Code , Waivers & Exemptions, for rules.

2023-2024 Applicationswill be available in IJʿL on the following dates:

General & Expedited

July 5, 2023

NOTE: As of February 9, 2024,LEAs have the option to select 2024-2025 using the current 2023-2024 Staff Development Minutes Waiver application.

Attendance (Missed School Day, Low Attendance) August 1, 2023
Class Size

Due to the delayed 2022-2023 accountability ratings release, the 2023-2024 class size exception application opened on November 17, 2023. The deadline to submit the initial exception request has been extended to December 20, 2023.

Note: Oncea new waiver year opens, thepriorschool year waiver application will no longer be available.

Waiver Application

The 23-24 Waivers Guidebook and Waiver Process FAQ'smay be of assistance while navigating through the State Waivers and the IJʿL application process.

Waiver Categories

Most waiver typesare placed into one of four categories:

  • Expedited Waiversare waivers that require basic information from the district.
  • General Waiversare waivers that requiredetailed information surrounding the district's waiver request.
  • Attendance Waiversinclude Missed School Days, Low Attendance Days, and Additional Days School Year (ADSY) waivers. The district or campuscan request a waiver for excused absences if instructional daysare missed orif attendance is lowdue to weather, health, or safety issues.
  • Maximum Class Size Exceptionis required under the provision of TEC §25.112 if any class for grades PK-4 exceeds the allowable class size limit of 22 students per class (22:1). An exemption expires at the end of the school year for which it is granted.
  • Other Waivers are specific requests that do not fall under any of the above categories.

Waiver Types

The following list shows the different waiver types and links to their description:




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State Waivers
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Certification Waivers
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