Texas Partnerships (SB 1882)


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Senate Bill 1882, signed into effect by the Texas Legislature in 2017, provides incentives for districts to contract to partner with an open-enrollment charter school, institutions of higher education, non-profits, or government entities. These incentives include:

  • A potential increase in state funding for the partnered campus.  Each partnered campus that meets eligibility requirements is entitled to receive the greater of either the amount of state funding to which the district would be entitled or the amount of state funding to which an open- enrollment charter school would be entitled.  To estimate the amount for a specific campus, use the State Aid Template.
  • An exemption from certain accountability interventions for two years.  Specifically, the agency may not impose that the campus prepare and submit a turnaround plan, as outlined in TEC §39A.101(a), appoint a board of managers, as outlined in TEC §39A.111(1), and/or close the campus, as outlined in TEC §39A.111(2).   

The bill states that to be eligible to access the benefits described above, the partnered campus must be granted a charter under Subchapter C, Chapter 12.  

To be eligible for the benefits of SB 1882, the district may partner with two types of entities to operate the charter:

  • A State-Authorized Open-Enrollment Charter School in good standing.   State-authorized open-enrollment charter  schools are also known as Subchapter D open-enrollment charters. To be eligible for the benefits associated with SB 1882 the open-enrollment charter partner may not have been previously revoked and must have received acceptable academic and financial accountability ratings for the three preceding school years. 
  • On approval by the Commissioner, other entities.  These other entities include institutions of higher education, non-profits, or government entities that have been granted a charter under Subchapter C, Chapter 12. 

Current Texas Partnerships

Districts receiving benefits under SB 1882 (including the partnered campuses and partner organizations) can be found on the .

Texas Partnerships Website 

Please visit for more information regarding Texas Partnerships. The website provides a set of resources and tools to assist districts with developing partnerships and applying for benefits. This information includes relevant grant and fellowship opportunities in addition to model and required partnership materials.

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